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Discipline in December

Good evening everyone! Discipline in December reminds me that I have to control the narrative if I want to have a different life. It also reminds me that to make those changes, I need discipline. I know you are probably thinking, “It’s about time she started posting blogs on this website.” I totally get it, and we won’t live in the past lol.

As I was thinking things over, I had this moment where I realized I’d been getting in my way. And not only that, but I let other people’s opinions steer me away from what I’m passionate about. Writing is a huge part of who I am; I’ve been doing it since I was 11. No matter what was going on or how I felt, I put it down in words. My writing is about love, pain, and the inner strength that comes straight from my heart and soul. Today was the first time in a while that I can say I stayed productive all day long. Setting daily, monthly, and even yearly goals is a pretty big deal. I know it might sound like a lot, but every journey starts with that first step, right? Exactly!

You can notice that this blog post might not be overflowing with content, as I’m creating it to fulfill my daily commitment. But here’s the plan: I aim to get into “Just Writing Here” more frequently as I reshape my narrative. Before I go, allow me to leave you with one of my poems.

As I Comb My Hair by Destini Taylor

As I comb my hair I think of you. I think about how I could have had you right here, right now, if only I knew who I was then, instead of waiting to learn who I am now. I would not have to go through the displeasure of waiting until you return to hold me again, but I also think about the lessons I would not have learned. I would stay in class just to learn from you, just to be a student for you.

As I comb my hair and get ready to do nothing and go nowhere, I can vow to you that I will always be the Goddess you need and you will always be the King I follow.

As I comb my hair, I think of you…

- Destini Taylor

A Moment of Self-Reflection

In this intimate piece of poetry, I want to take you into my world – where every stroke of a hairbrush is a journey through my thoughts and feelings. Imagine with me as I delicately comb my hair, lost in the memories of you. This poem is a tribute to the love of my life, the one who’s been a source of inspiration and a reason for these words.

My mind slips into the past as the strands slip through my fingers. I think of the moments when our paths could have converged, the chances we had to be together. Back then, I was a different version of myself, still discovering who I was. If only I had known then what I know now – maybe our story would have been written in different hues. But as I reminisce, I realize that every twist and turn led me to the person I am today. Each detour, each pause, they shaped me.

And though I wait, the waiting itself has its meaning. It’s a testament to the power of time and growth. With each tick of the clock, I’ve seen the significance of patience and the beauty of self-discovery. I am still that eager student, attending life’s classes to learn from you.

So, while I stand here, preparing for a day with no particular plans, I promise you something. I promise to always hold onto the light you see in me – the goddess within. And you, my love, will forever be the king I willingly choose to follow, my heart, my love, my everything.

As you read this poem, remember you’re the muse behind these words. You’re the reason for the emotions woven within each line. It’s a piece that speaks to our journey, our love, and the unspoken feelings that tie us together. This poem encapsulates the essence of our connection and the beauty of love’s tapestry.

What problems does this poem solve?

  1. Unfulfilled Love and Longing: The poem taps into the universal experience of unfulfilled love and longing for someone who might have slipped away due to missed chances or circumstances. This resonates with readers who have experienced similar feelings of what could have been.
  2. Self-Discovery and Growth: The reflection on personal growth and self-discovery resonates with individuals who have undergone periods of transformation, recognizing that life’s twists and turns contribute to shaping who they are today.
  3. Patience and Waiting: The poem touches on the theme of patience and waiting, which many people grapple with in various aspects of their lives, be it relationships, career goals, or personal aspirations.
  4. Embracing Lessons from the Past: The poem’s acknowledgment of the lessons learned from missed opportunities encourages readers to find value in their past experiences, even if they were challenging or didn’t go as planned.
  5. Acknowledging Personal Growth: The poet’s recognition of personal growth through waiting and self-discovery resonates with readers who may have struggled with uncertainty and can now see the positive outcomes of their journeys.
  6. Love and Partnership: The imagery of being a “Goddess” and a “King” in the poem speaks to the desire for a strong, equal, and supportive partnership. Readers seeking meaningful relationships can connect with this sentiment.
  7. Reflection and Self-Expression: The poem itself demonstrates the power of reflection and self-expression through art, inspiring readers to find solace and understanding through their creative outlets.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and the poetry from my self-reflection. Come back and see me soon! On that note, I’m out!


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