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A Message from My Heart

Heartfelt Poem Featured Image - A Message from My Heart

A Message from My Heart

Puddle of assumptions cause they couldn’t read you

Silent words missed, safe behind a kiss

You probably stopped talking cause

they didn’t believe you,

accusing you of that, accusing you of this


But you don’t have to talk because I can see you clearly

and I don’t ask for promises, I go with how I’m feeling

Ever since I met you I could see

it in your eyes, connected with your smile,

impressed by your style


And when we hit the dance floor for the first time

I kissed your soft lips hoping soon you would be mine

I knew you had some drinks 

and I didn’t want you to drive home,

so I said you could come with me and sleep until the morn


I hope your first impression wasn’t that I was a hoe

Like how can she trust someone she doesn’t even know

Let me set it straight you were the first and you’re the last

I’m sure that you’ve discerned that I’m a woman full of class


With the space that I was in I felt like meeting you was fate

I ceased the opportunity before it was too late

It wasn’t about sex, from day one I showed I cared

I was asking about your needs and trying to be there


Chemistry inevitable like this was meant to be

Definitive reasons I’m with you

and clarity why you are with me


Obstacles will come my love and obstacles will go

But when it’s something real you just have to let it grow

I hear what you don’t say, I feel what you convey

I never will assume, I’ll ask if I’m confused

I’m completely in, the root of the tree

I believe in you just please believe in me

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